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Software Re-engineering

In the current business scenario, the companies must keep re-inventing themselves according to the changing business needs and at the same time actualize their IT investments. With newer technologies coming up everyday, it is imperative that the businesses realize that automation of their operations and processes will lead to better interaction with the customers as well as realize their full potential and reduce costs.


As companies target newer markets, it is important for them to update and migrate their business systems to more recent technology platforms so that they do not become obsolete. Netsity has extensive experience in software re-engineering and can assist you in migration of your business systems.


We provide the following software re-engineering services:


Business process re-engineering:


If you feel that your existing systems have been outpaced by your changing business needs, then we can conduct a detailed study of your systems and develop a solution that would meet your requirements in coordination with your business processes in a competent way.


Migration of legacy systems onto newer technologies:


Legacy Systems are hardware and software applications in which a company has already invested considerable time and money. It typically performs critical operations for many years even though they may no longer use state- of- the- art technology. Replacing legacy systems can be disruptive and therefore requires careful planning and appropriate migration support from the manufacturer. We are adept in migrating your existing legacy systems onto more advanced platforms that are easier to maintain.


Application integration


Many times companies have various stand-alone systems that are rather arduous to operate together. If this is the case with you, we can integrate all the systems on a common platform to give you a comprehensive enterprise-level solution.




The advantages of software re-engineering can be summed up as:


It helps in minimizing the cost of writing a system from ground up by using functionality of the legacy application.


It helps in enhancing the business value of the new application by reiterating the critical data and business logic.


Since the new systems are based on original business logics, it ensures continuity of key business processes.


It helps in increasing system reliability and end user satisfaction.




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