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Software Testing

Many a times developers of critical systems are overwhelmed by the testing effort required to comply with the standards for high-integrity software development. This where Netsity Software Testing services relieve you of these demands and allow your developers to concentrate more on the productive processes in the software life-cycle.


We work in conjunction with your development team and help you deliver reliable and quality software to your customers. By carrying out independent, time bound and priority-driven testing, we free your development team from the testing burden thereby allowing them to focus on their core skills.


Netsity provides the following types of software testing services:


Functionality Testing:


We determine the extent to which a product meets the expected functional requirements through validation of product features.


Performance Testing


We determine how quickly the product would execute a variety of events. Benchmarking of a product against the competition also falls under this head.


Load Testing


We check how well a product functions when it is in competition for system resources such as CPU, I/O processor, network, memory etc.




Stress Testing


We judge the capacity of a system by increasing the load placed on the resources until a failure or other unacceptable product behavior occurs.


Installation Testing


We check how well and how easily a product would install on a variety of platform configurations.


Website Testing


We ensure that the site functions properly, it is compatible across different platforms and configurations and it can handle large number of concurrent users.


Automated Testing


Test automation becomes useful when the same set of test cases is to be executed repeatedly. This becomes useful specially, when the development team follows a RAD methodology wherein the software is evolved through multiple builds and delivery.


Test tools evaluation and implementation


There is a plethora of test tools available in the market that address a variety of needs for software testing. We assist you in assessing the needs for automated testing, selecting an appropriate test tool and integrating the test tool with the testing process, seamlessly.


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